Let us do the cleaning for you!

At Bee-Dazzled we know that having a clean home, office or construction site is important to the way your environment is seen and functioning. Since 2008 we've aspired to allow our customers to focus on their quality of life, by leaving the cleaning to us. We've championed this inspiration by offering professional bonded and insured maids to be our driving force. Let Bee-Dazzled do the cleaning for you.

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Our cleaning services offer the top certified professional maids for residential cleaning. Our house cleaning services are offered weekly, bi-weekly, one time or monthly. We also provide window cleaning, wall washing and post construction clean-up services for your home or office. Green cleaning services are also provided for your home or office if requested in advance. Please call us for any cleaning details.

We offer "green home cleaning services", call us to find out more details.

Bee-Dazzled - Cleaning Services Special

Residential Services - From your bedroom to your kitchen and everything in between.

At Bee-Dazzled we offer an array of services and affordable cleaning plans to suit your specific needs. You set the priorities and your housekeeper will clean your home or office to your specifications. Our maids and housekeepers provide environmentally safe cleaning supplies for each home or business.

Commercial Services - We keep your office space clean and professional looking.

Bee-Dazzled Cleaning Service is a reputable agency providing certified trained and experienced maids, cleaners, janitors and housekeepers. Let Bee-Dazzled help you manage the cleaning details. We will get your job done right the first time and establish a long term cleaning business relationship.

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Happy Client Testimonials

"We have a small rental unit on one of the "dusty" beaches of Southern California. When it came time to spring clean, my husband and I decided to call in a professional. Belinda toured the unit, gave us a quote and immediately won our business. We have never had anyone as thorough, friendly and trustworthy in our home. She arrived perfectly on time, cleaned parts of our home that we didn't even know needed cleaning, and called to verify that everything was done to our satisfaction. She was meticulous and we could not recommend her more vehemently. We are now part of her permanent schedule."

~ 3/30/2012 Dawn R.

"My wife and I have been using random cleaning services for a few months now, and we just found the one we are going to stick with. Belinda was very professional and thorough. She was able to fit me into her schedule on a recurring basis and was prompt to arrive on the time scheduled. We are glad to have found some one we can rely on. Thanks Bee_Dazzled!"

~ 5/29/2012 Ijaz Hakim

"I needed cleaning services unexpectedly and called Bee-Dazzled. Not only were they able to meet my schedule and timeline they were prompt and professional. The services I received were far beyond what I was expecting and I consider myself quite picky!"

~ 2/29/2012 Scott D.

"I have been using Bee-Dazzled cleaning service for a few months now and could not be more impressed. While I have had many cleaning services in the past, I can honestly say, my search is over. I have recommended them to family members and have received the same feedback.....friendly, thorough, prompt. I give them 5 out of 5 stars."

~ 8/24/2012 Robert E.

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